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Core Saw

The Koller Core Saw is used to cut the inner tube with drill core into 900 – 1000 mm sections. The conical drums of the connected lay down frame feeds the inner tube to the saw, where an air-powered diamond or corundum saw blade cuts it into the sections described above. The inner tubes can be made of aluminum alloy, fibreglass or heat-treatable steel. In most cases, aluminum tubes are used, so the equipment is optimised to effectively cut filled-core aluminium tubes. The core saw is suitable for offshore and onshore applications

Laydown frame

A perfect tool to ensure safe core samples extraction from the core string on surface. The frame allows to lay down the core samples horizontally without damage, for example directly from the rig floor onto the catwalk. The frame can also be coupled directly to the Core Saw for the core samples to be cut into transportable pieces with protective tube using the saw.