Our roadmap



To be a reliable and responsible partner in providing high quality innovative industrial machines and equipment in the safest and economically efficient manner.

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People working together with great systematics and clarity to deliver fit-to-purpose products of choice recognized by their simplicity and great functionality.

Quality management and HSE

The corporate policy of the Koller Maschinen- und Anlagenbau GmbH is defined by the corporate management
and was communicated to all levels of the company.


Excellent customer satisfaction

Our objective and our task are to know and fulfil the requirements and expectations of our clients at all times, in order to achieve excellent customer satisfaction. For this purpose, all corporate processes are geared towards the needs of the external and internal clients as well as the effective legal provisions.

In all of our actions, the quality of our products and services as well as health and safety measures and environmental protection are equally important business objectives for the economic success of our company. Should these objectives present a conflict in practice, each and every one of us is obligated to suspend or change these courses of action.

Our employees

Every employee is responsible for the quality and economic efficiency of his or her performance as well as adhering to health and safety measures and environmental protection. The employees are obligated to actively contribute to achieving the objectives derived here.

We are committed to observing the health of our and involved employees as well as seeking to minimize negative environmental consequences.

The company provides the necessary resources for a safe work environment, to ensure high-quality performance by its employees. Meaningful in-house communication and further training of the employees are significant in this context. Based on the process model, the internal client-supplier principle is implemented in the entire company.


Growth through improvement

The efficiency of the company is controlled by means of key figures.

Relationships based on partnership and open communication with our suppliers and service providers are important to us. We rate the performance of the suppliers and service providers, evaluate and support them according to our standards and the clients‘ requirements.

We want to ensure the competitiveness and growth of our company through continuous improvement in implementing our service agreement and health and safety measures as well as environmental protection.
We want to be an appealing employer in our economic region through innovative products, sound growth and interesting jobs.

The executives are obligated to actively support the management board in implementing the policies in regard to quality, occupational health and safety and the environment.


Unternehmenspolitik (Corporate Policy)

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Compliance / Verhaltenskodex

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Compliance / code of conduct

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