KOLLER Maschinen-
und Anlagenbau GmbH

We are a leading European manufacturer of reliable industrial equipment – Made in Germany

Founded in 1912 KOLLER has gained over 100 years of experience in reliable engineering solutions that work. Over that time period, it has built a strong reputation for producing high-quality engineering equipment for the oil and gas production industry, geothermal and water drilling industries, underground cavern storage facilities and road construction industries.

Our business guidelines are based on the following values:

  • checkbox We live a – Enjoy a Challenge – philosophy to deliver the highest quality reliable products to our clients.
  • checkbox Our commitment to deliver technical innovation and economically and environmentally sustainable products is the core of our business.
  • checkbox Our dedication to building long-term relationships with our clients, partners and community is at the heart of our daily operations.

Highest quality standards for customer satisfaction

The solutions and systems we provide are customized to suit our client’s requirements and based on the latest technology available. We rigorously follow the newest environment developments and regulations to ensure the delivery of valuable and sustainable products as well as long-term after-sale consulting and technical support including post-warranty service which we provide on the client´s site.

Our products are tested, validated for compliance with national standards and specific client´s requirements, and then if required, certified by independent expert organizations such as TÜV, DNV GL in accordance with international regulations.

Executive Management

Omar Moustafa

Managing Director

Omar Moustafa is the managing director of Koller Solutions, a position he assumed as of 01.01.2023.

Omar Moustafa is responsible for customer satisfaction, leading all employees, representing Koller Solutions to the outside word, Ensuring smooth process in all company area, developing the company strategy, P&L and the finical plan and personnel development.

Moustafa’s career began in 2001 with an oil and gas giant service company and spanned a variety of operations and sales positions in Europe and the Middle East. Omar Moustafa holds a master’s degree in Petroleum Engineering from the University Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Germany

Kai Drögemüller

Head of Design & Construction

Kai Drögemüller is head of design and construction, a position he assumed in January 2018. Prior to his current position, he held various management and technical roles within the company, including head of steelwork division, special machines construction lead, road construction and cutting solutions engineer.

Kai Drögemüller holds a master‘s degree in mechanical engineering from FH Cologne, Germany.

Ralf Großpietsch

Head of Production

Ralf Großpietsch is the company’s head of production, a position he assumed in July 2022. He is responsible for the production planning, manufacturing, rig overhaul service and quality control in the integrated manufacturing process.

Ralf’s career began in 1994 with an oil and gas service company and spanned a variety of positions in engineering, marketing and operations. Ralf Großpietsch holds a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from FH Hannover, Germany.

Fabian Sander

Head of Quality Management

Fabian Sander is the company’s head of Quality Management, a position he assumed in July 2022. He is responsible for the quality assurance in the integrated manufacturing process.

Prior to this role, he held various positions in production and manufacturing, including steel and metalwork, milling and drilling and quality process control.

Fabian Sander holds a master‘s degree in mechanical engineering from HS Hannover, Germany.

Corporate Profile

We at KOLLER have enjoyed working with our clients on more than 1000 projects worldwide. Our clients include the major oil and gas service companies, smaller independent service companies, as well as different industrial companies.

KOLLER Maschinen- und Anlagenbau GmbH is a member of the UES group of companies, an Oman based international conglomerate with operations in Oman, the United Kingdom, Germany and Malaysia employing over 1000 professionals. The group are renowned for their specialized expertise and world-class assets in engineering services, machining services, fabrication services, and boat building services catering to a vast array of industries.