Floor saws

The floor sawing system RSF 820 can be equipped with different attachments for joint cutting, grinding or drilling, depending on the application requirements. The mobile and steerable basic machine supplies the attachments with hydraulic power and also serves to control and monitor the entire system. A powerful auxiliary hydraulic system allows the connection of further hydraulically driven machines.

Microtrenching is a further special application which today is highly in demand.

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Floor Saw RSF 820

The all-rounder for various floor sawing jobs The RSF 820 can be equipped with various mounting kits and allows the user to perform multiple cutting or grinding applications with only one basic machine. Our engineers were able to draw on 40 years of experience in the development of this fully hydraulic floor sawing system. In addition to the existing expertise, special wishes and requirements of our customers were also incorporated. The RSF 820 is particularly flexible in the configuration and positioning of the operator station. Various attachment points allow mounting on all sides of the machine. Operation and monitoring are carried out intuitively via a keypad and a joystick.

Joint Brushing Machine RSB 120

The rotating brush (rotates in reverse direction), raises loose material from inside of the joint, such as slurry or small stones, to the front. The result is a largely dust-free joint, which forms the basis for the durability of the sealing compound to be poured into the joint in the next step.

The RSB 120 is equipped with a two-stage air filter which effectively prevents the penetration of dust into the motor. The filter cartridge can be replaced without tools.