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Mobile heavy duty Double Workover Rig 90 tons

  • SISU heavy duty truck with Caterpillar engine, 10x10 drive for extreme off-road capabilities
  • road approval (Germany, Romania) dimensions and weight within the permitted legal limits for special trucks
  • 6 hydraulical supports, mechanically locked
  • 90 tons hook load
  • drawworks with closed-loop cooling and API 7K monogram
  • sand-line drum for 3000 m working depth (higher depths possible)
  • powerful hydraulic by truck engine via Allison transmission 4700 OFS
  • mast with automatic lock in end position (retracted and extended) and API 4F monogram
  • electric safety according to EN 60204
  • automatically uplifting working platform while mast telescoping
  • stairs foldable for transport
  • store capacity for 140 double tubings up to 31/2“
  • turning circle under < 20 m
  • working temperature range -29°C / +45°C (+55°C for special operations)