Mobile HP Workshop 30k

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The Koller Pressure Cart is a high pressure test station for sensor technology processed in drilling tool manufacturing.
Tests various sensor types. The testing chamber features two permanently attached sensor readers. It also features an area where the sensor reader/sensors are mounted onto modular plates for testing.
The maximum approved operating pressure of the pieces to be tested is 30,000 PSI (2,070 bar). A suitable transmitter can record the pressure history.
The control elements of the individual hydraulic circuits are visually separated. Each circuit features a needle valve (Block/Supply|Return/Bleed) to bleed the circuits for the pressure test. A flow turbine further allows for the air bubble amount inside the test fluid to be checked.
The testing pressure is indicated on a calibrated high-pressure manometer. It also features a hydraulics interface for a high-pressure transmitter.

  • Mobile design for flexible high-pressure test station use
  • Very compact size and simple application
  • Independent pressure build-up by manual pump
  • External connection with quick-disconnect couplers for testing large pressure sensors
  • Gauge and optional recorder for reading and recording the test pressure reached.
  • Drip tray for hydraulic fluids drains into the collection box
  • Drawers and spacious shelf space
  • Hydraulic lines and fittings according to pressure directive 97/23/EC
  • Stainless steel spring with copper cable inside for antistatic protection


Length 1,150 mm / 3.77 ft
Width 600 mm (784) / 1.97 ( 2.57) ft
Height 1,278 (1,502) mm / 4.19 (4.93) ft
Weight 250 kg / 551 lbs
Range of working temperature 0 - 65 °C

Antistatic hydraulic system

Max. working pressure 2,070 bar / 30,000 psi
Hydraulic circuits 4 pcs.
Pipe & fitting system Autoclave high pressure system
HP-pump High pressure hand pump
Valves Needle valves for a exactly control
Flow turbine to control the air bubbles
1 HP test connection for high pressure transmitter & chart recorder
1 HP gauge to check the test pressure

Working fluid

Hydraulic oil Enerpac HF-95X/Y/Z
Supply water / Drinking water
Transaqua HT / HT2


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