Special Application Microtrenching

What means Microtrenching?

Microtrenching is a minimal-destructive and very fast method of laying communication cables in existing traffic areas. In the process, wide joints are cut into the surfaces with diamond blades. Directly after the cut, ductworks are inserted and then the joint is potted. Time and cost-intensive earthworks at the edge of the traffic areas are thus avoided or minimized.

With microtrenching machines based on the new fully hydraulic RSF 820 floor saw, RELLOK provides the necessary special equipment for the application of this future-oriented cable laying technology.

Standard specification of RSF 820 MTS

  • cutting of 40 mm wide and up to 380 mm deep joints in one operation
  • extra reinforced cutting shaft bearing for heavy saw blade packages
  • multi-sealed blade guard and finely adjustable humidifier against dust
  • dozer blade behind the blade guard, excavated material can not fall back into the joint
  • independent of external water supply by large water tanks
  • stable, roller-guided sighting devices
  • hose for connection to the water pump for cleaning work

Optional equipment for RSF 820 MTS

  • four-wheel drive
  • additional fuel tank for long uninterrupted cutting
  • heated water tank
  • weatherproof roof, stowable for transport

Advanced functions of the special version RSF 820 MTM 4x4

The positioning of the blade in the geometric center of the RSF 820 MTM 4x4 reduces the shear forces, which have to be compensated by steering corrections when arranged on the machine side.

The elimination of these forces reduces the tool wear while increasing the feed rate. Higher daily outputs are achieved at reduced tool costs.

In addition, the RSF 820 MTM 4x4 has a device for inserting ductworks directly after the joint cut and a bulk hopper for fixing them and prefilling the joint.

The machine has four-wheel drive as standard.

Technical data

  RSF 820 MTS RSF 820 MTM 4x4
max. cutting depth 380 mm 380 mm
max. blade diameter 1000 mm 1000 mm
mounting hole 35 mm + 6-hole on pitch circle 120 mm 35 mm + 6-hole on pitch circle 120 mm
max. clamping width 40 mm 40 mm
mounting side of saw blade right or left center
saw blade drive hydraulic hydraulic
rpm cutting shaft 700 - 2500 rpm stepless 700 - 2500 rpm stepless
rotating direction same / counter direction switchable same / counter direction switchable
up/down saw blade/blade guard electro-hydraulic electro-hydraulic
up/down saw blade/blade guard electro-hydraulic electro-hydraulic
type drive engine Perkins 4-cyl. TD 845E Perkins 4-cyl. TD 845E
output 82 kW 82 kW
emission level EPA Tier 4 final, EU Stage V EPA Tier 4 final, EU Stage V
feed drive 2 wheel hub motors 4 wheel hub motors
speed (work/transfer) 0-45 m/min / 0-120 m/min 0-23 m/min / 0-60 m/min
dimensions l/w/h 3355/1410/1965 mm 3663/1360/2681 mm
weight 2020 kg 2200 kg

Customer project MTC 760

On customer request, a microtrenching machine was realized whose cutting drive can be moved hydraulically on a rail in the longitudinal direction of the machine. The travel has been designed so that the cutting shaft extends beyond the drive wheels. As a result, a cut on both sides can be made up to edges or property boundaries without  a time-consuming turning of the machine.
All functions of the MTC 760 are controlled by a wired remote control.