Wireline Truck with 15ft fix mounted body, double drum winch

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Fixed price ex works Celle: EUR 294,500
excluding VAT

Technical description


  • Mercedes Axor 1828AE 4x4 with two axle cassis
  • Compact cabin version with 3 seats (driver seat with air suspension)
  • Air condition
  • Engine with 210 kW (286 HP) with EURO IV or III exhaust system
  • 400 l Diesel reservoir
  • 14.00 R20 single plus spare tires
  • Chassis with front and rear leaf spring suspension
  • Dry air filter with high suction (intake) tube
  • Air dryer with heating element
  • Two 12V Batteries with 220 Ah capacity
  • Alternator 28V, 100A, 2800W


  • 15 ft body fix mounted with insulated sandwich walls
  • Two area layout (operator / winch)
  • All doors and flaps lockable by keys
  • Solid sliding roof at the winch compartment for easy drum access and free view up
  • Retractable stairs with handrails
  • Several 24V LED lights and beams for unit and field illumination
  • Operator door and window with tinted glass
  • Safety glass between operator and winch compartment
  • Tool box for slickline tools and cabinet with vise

Operator compartment

  • Stainless steel operator panel with engraved and colored letterings
  • Air suspension operator chair without wheels
  • Desk and document drawers
  • 9 Sockets (3x3) for type F (CEE 7/4) plugs close to the desk
  • Big store compartment and metal drawer cabinet
  • Good noise protection
  • Interior LED lightning 24 and 230V
  • Antistatic, oil resistant, durable rubber floor

Operator control panel

  • Truck engine control and monitoring of various parameters
  • Hydraulic lever for winch control (Bosch Rexroth)
  • Hydraulic safety valve for pull force regulation
  • Lockable winch override button
  • Pneumatic hand lever for winch brake (fail safe)
  • 6” Analogue tension gauge with detailed display for Slickline work (hydraulic load cell 4.000 kg scale)
  • 5‑digit mechanical depth counter (suitable for 0.108” and 0.125” wire without changing the setup)

Winch system

  • Hydraulic driven double drum winch
  • Two 600 mm slickline drums
  • Winch frame including drip pan with 1” drain port
  • Planetary gearbox
  • Suitable for 0.092” slickline up to ¼” braided line (not included)
  • Heavy duty double chain between gearbox and drum
  • Continuous variable hydraulic drive (closed loop)
  • Band brake with spring brake cylinders (fail safe brake system with spring activated brakes)
  • Drums placed from above guided by guide bars
  • Manufactured for high jarring performance (fast acceleration)

Measuring device - Dophin

  • Depth and tension measuring
  • 16” sheaves for up to 0.125" slickline
  • Independent hydraulic load cell and electronic tension load pin
  • Max load 4,082kg (9,000 pounds)
  • Mechanical depth counter gear
  • Independent optical encoder and magnetic sensor for depth and speed
  • Direct driven spooler

Dual touch screen panel

  • Touch screen based menu system
  • Several alarms and automatic shutdown settings
  • Built-in stretch correction algorithms
  • USB ports to provide acquisation board programming and access to log data using a PC
  • Internal data recorder which continually records depht, tension, line speed, date and time in 1 sec. intervals
  • Acquisition system outputs = depht encoder, tension

Hydraulic system

  • Driven by PTO, closed loop
  • Air/oil cooler in return line
  • 16 gal (60 l) hydraulic tank
  • Variable displacement axial piston hydraulic pump and motor

Electric system

  • 400V 32A CEE Rig supply socket (rig supply necessary)
  • Power distribution with automatic fuses
  • 30 m grounding cable on drum
  • Emergency switches according to EN ISO 13850
  • LEDs with 24V fallback supply (truck batteries)
  • Option for an extra charge: Hydraulic generator 12kVA
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