Floor Sawing System RSF 820

The RSF 820 is a system that can be equipped with different attachments for joint cutting, grinding or drilling, depending on the application requirements. The mobile and steerable basic machine supplies the attachments with hydraulic power and also serves to control and monitor the entire system. A powerful auxiliary hydraulic system allows the connection of further hydraulically driven machines.

Basic machine RSF 820

  • engine with an emission control technology, low-vibration installed in an extremely steady U-frame
  • hydraulic drive and hydraulic steering improve maneuverability and comfort
  • powerful main and auxiliary hydraulic for supply of the system components and the mounting kits
  • central hydraulic cylinder and stable double column guidance for mounting kits standard cut, longitudinal cut and grooving
  • flexible installation possibilities for operator stand, depending on the application and/or the operator‘s request
  • console with display for control and monitoring functions
  • operator joystick intregrated in arm rest

Technical data basic machine RSF 820

output drive engine 82 kW
type drive engine Perkins 4-cyl. TD 845E
emission level EPA Tier 4 final, EU Stage V
main hydraulic flow rate/pressure 123 l/min / 380 bar
auxiliary hydraulic flow rate/pressure 35 l/min / 180 bar
feed drive hydraulic, stepless
speed (work/transfer) 0-12 m/min / 0-60 m/min
turning radius 6.3 m
water pump impeller, hydraulic
content fuel tank 80 l
dimensions without exhaust pipe l/w/h 2990 / 1200 / 2700 mm
weight 1580 kg

Mounting kits for special application

  • mounting kit standard cut TS 1500
  • mounting kit green concrete SB 500
  • mounting kit grooving GG 300
  • mounting kit longitudinal cut DB 550
  • slurry extraction plant VD 500
  • mounting kit core drill RSD 600

For more information on the mounting kits and the various possible uses of the RSF 820, please download the brochure.