Faraday Cage 10 5/8"

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The Faraday cage is intended to screen the internal HF-field and extrinsic radio frequencies. It consists of two thin-walled drum halves connected at the top by two guide bars. An attachment point for fixing a lifting eye is located at the top for hoisting/lowering.

The Faraday drum halves can be opened and closed using handles at the side and on the face. The top guide ensures the drum halves are opened evenly. Attachment points / rubber buffers limit the opening width of the drum halves.

The cage features a base frame with individually adjustable leg supports. To adjust, loosen the clamping knob and adjust the leg supports to the respective height.

  • Precision guiding system
  • Aluminium cage halves, welded and riveted
  • Transportable via crane or forklift
  • Feet with variable height adjustment
  • Guide pins and fastening tensioners ensure accurately seated cage halves
  • Handles for shifting the “Faraday cage halves”
  • Lever with locking plate for locking and unlocking the lift attachment bolt
  • Hand lever for variable support leg clamping


  • Machinery directive 2006/42/EC (CE marking)

Dimensions and general data

Depth, closed 2,016 mm / 6.61 ft
Depth, open 2,732 mm / 8.96 ft
Width 1,400 mm / 4.59 ft
Height 2,095 mm / 6.76 ft
Gross weight 240 kg
Aperture dimensions 714 mm / 2.34 ft
Ambient temperature +4°C / +40°C
Tool dimensions 5 ¼”, 7 ¼” , 8 7/8” , 10 5/8”


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