Useful helpers for each workshop

Equipment for oil and gas workshops have to meet high quality standards. Our product range in this area has grown over many years and has been steadily improved and expanded in close cooperation with our customers. So we can count some of the world's major oilfield service companies to our customers today.

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Release date: 2019-03-27

Customer executes FAT at three new Wireline Crane Trucks

Last week, a technical specialist of Fahud Energy Solutions, a subsidiary of our reputated Omanian customer FOS Energy LLC visited us for execute the FAT at their three new Wireline Crane Trucks.

The units are fitted with double drum slickline winches and have a few very interesting improvements and additional equipment. The cabin is swivable of 25 degrees to each direction now for more setting up flexibility on wellsite. The turning range of the crane is over 360 degrees. A PCE panel with 6 functions is on board. Also a pressure test unit to test equipment up to 10,000 psi (690 bar). For a particularly comfortable spooling, the mechanic drive by hand wheel was replaced by an electric motor, controlled by a joystick. A special feature is the filling system for the BOP. To prevent corrosion, the BOP is filled with oil by a hand pump for transport.

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Release date: 2019-02-26

Hydro vice - Our best seller in 2018

Teams of FOS and Koller in front of the new NC pump trailer

Thirty times 220 kN clamping force to improve the capabilities of oil and gas workshops in 2018. For many years we have been building this hydraulic vice for fixing downhole tools and other round workpieces. Over the years, we have expanded the program around it more and more. Now the hydro vice has become part of a mobile bucking unit. It can be used to make and break screw connections directly on the well site. Previously you had to go to the workshop, which consumes time and money.

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Release date: 2019-01-21

Two new NC pump trailers for FOS Energy LLC, Oman

Teams of FOS and Koller in front of the new NC pump trailer

This week, the specialists from our valued Omanian customer FOS Energy LLC came to Celle for execute the factory acceptance tests at their brand new NC pump semi-trailers. In extensive test series, the two units had to prove their abilities. The measured performance values corresponded in every respect the high expectations of the customer.

The SPM TWS600S pump is equiped with a 3½" plunger and provides a maximum working pressure of 10,000 PSI (690 bar) and a maximum pump performance of 1,270 l/min. A 580 hp CAT C15 engine is delivered the required power.

We wish the guys from FOS much joy in working with these modern pumping equipment.

Release date: 2019-01-16

Company Rotary takes over two Wireline trucks

Last week, two Wireline operation teams of the hungarian oilfield service company Rotary Fúrási Zrt. visited us to execute the FAT at their two brand new Slickline units.

One of the units contains a double drum slickline winch driven by its own Diesel power pack. The 24ft container is mounted on a 6x6 MAN truck. The other one is a PTO-driven single drum winch in a 15ft container. Its chassis is a 4x4 truck, also from MAN.

After extensive testing, our guests were very satisfied and in a few weeks the units will start their operation at the hungarian oil fields.

Release date: 2018-12-11